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Chill Factor 3 Thermal Compound, 4g
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Thermalright Chill Factor 3 Thermal Compound, 4g

Thermalright’s third generation of thermal compound improves performance yet again.


  1. Excellent thermal conductivity
  2. Long life
  3. High yield
  4. Electrically non-conductive

True to its motto “innovated - not imitated” Thermalright has developed a thermal compound, which offers an extremely high thermal conductivity and easiest handling. The Chill Factor 3 is certainly one of the best products in its class, particularly with regards to the areas of quality and performance.

Unlike silver-rich compounds, the Chill Factor 3 thermal paste can easily be applied and removed without the risk of tearing out the CPU cooler and processor of the socket. The Chill Factor 3 has a much higher service life, since care was taken in the development that the paste dries out significantly less. In addition, the thermal conductivity has been optimised, making the overall performance of the Chill Factor 3 extremely impressive.

The Chill Factor thermal compound contains tiny thermally conductive particles that can fill the smallest gaps between CPU and cooler and thus ensure optimum heat transfer of the two components. The paste is electrically non-conductive and prevents the possibility of accidentally causing an electrical short circuit, which can destroy valuable computer components. The ingredients of the paste don’t carry any health risks and are RoHs compliant.

The Thermalright Chill Factor thermal compound features safe and easy handling as well as a high-performance thermal conductivity. In order to achieve lasting optimal results, we recommend a renewal of the Chill Factor 3 every 12 months.

SpecificationsChill Factor 3, 4g
EAN barcode0814256000246
SpecificationsChill Factor 3, 4g
EAN barcode0814256000246

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