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GC-3 10g Extreme Performance Thermal Compound $18.53
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GC-3 3.5g Extreme Performance Thermal Compound $6.86
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GC-3 Extreme Performance Thermal Compound

Gelid GC-Extreme thermal compound is the ultimate in heat conductivity and makes the GC-Extreme the leader in the thermal compounds market.


  1. Ultimate Heat Conductivity
  2. Non-Electrical Conductive
  3. Non-Corrosive, Non-Curing and Non-Toxic
  4. No Bleeding and user friendly
  5. GELID Applicator Supplied

Created for Extreme users, the GC-Extreme thermal compound achieves the best heat conductivity possible between your CPU, VGA or even Chipset to your cooler as the GC-Extreme has a more fluid-like consistency than most other thermal pastes. It’s low viscosity allows it to be spread more easily and thinly for optimal efficiency.

The product comes in two varieties. If the GC-Extreme thermal paste is required for many applications then a 10g tub is available.

Where only a few uses are required a smaller, 3.5g tube would be a more suitable option.

A GELID applicator is supplied which enables an easier, cleaner application of the thermal compound on the processor.



    “GC-Extreme is the best thermal paste in our round-up, maintaining a slim lead over the runner-up as long as you’re using a heat sink with high mounting pressure. If this compound was a little softer, it’d be even more ideal and wouldn’t require warming before application. Heating it up a bit does pay off though, and we recommend it for overclockers and enthusiasts.”


    “I am impressed to say the least with GELID’s latest submission of GC-Extreme thermal compound. Not only does it beat the GC-2, which I thought was a great compound already, but handles the competition very easily. Considering the “industry standard” to be very similar to the results achieved with AS-5, the GC-Extreme is well above standard. ”


    “GELID Solutions have shown us that thermal paste makes a big difference when cooling down a processor with their new, high performance GC-Extreme compound. Taking a massive 18 degrees Celsius off the normal paste that comes with your Intel processor, and outperforming all of its competition, the GC-Extreme is what you’re looking for if you want the highest performing grease in the market.”

  • eTeknix

    “Because of its fantastic properties and its price isn’t too bad, I’m going to give this five out of five stars.”

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SpecificationsGC-3 10g ExtremeGC-3 3.5g Extreme
Density (g/cm3)3.73 3.73
Thermal conductivity (W/mK)8.5 8.5
Viscosity (Centipoise)85000 85000
Net Content10g 3.5g
Warranty24 months 24 months
EAN barcode4897025780583 4897025780279
SpecificationsGC-3 10g ExtremeGC-3 3.5g Extreme
Density (g/cm3)3.73
Thermal conductivity (W/mK)8.5
Viscosity (Centipoise)85000
Net Content10g 3.5g
Warranty24 months
EAN barcode4897025780583 4897025780279

Customer Reviews

GC-3 10g Extreme
GC-3 3.5g Extreme

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Definitely a must!


Applied to a CPU heatsink alu side surface by spreading with a coffee filter lint free paper with one finger to make it as thin as possible, result is 6 to 7 Degrees lower with a Core2Quad LG 775 socket!

My Acer Aspire X3810 miniDesktop is very heat producing; no other solution can solve this issue, after a Noctua NF-A8 fan replacement for my CPU heatsink from this shop, of course! Now, this PC unit is one of the best of its own.



Superb performance thermal paste, easy to use, relatively cheap and very effective.

True Performance


The cutting-edge thermal compound... Highly recommended. Very pleased!

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“Excellent Service and Great Turn Around times!”

“The Service and Quiet PC is first class.

I recently order their AOI 27” offering. The item arrived in NZ all the way from the UK within 3 days from ordering. Clearing customs took longer than actual shipping :)

After building the unit I got stuck with a small piece of packing material between the front glass guard panel and the screen itself.

Phoning in to their contact number, I was greeted by Paul, whi kindly assisted me per the phone with instructions on how to De-tach the front glass protective screen which allowed me to wipe off the inner glass surface.

Other wise front all that the product is excellent and as advertised.

The IPS screen quality is exceptional and great for gaming.

Current Components that easily fit into the 27” AOI are as follows:

Intel I7 4770 With Stock Cooler

Gigabyte GIGABYTE GA-B85N Phoenix WIFI 1150 Mini-ITX Motherboard

2 x 8GB Kingston HyperX Fury - 1600MHz DDR3 RAM

550W Corsair VS550 Series ATX Power Supply

Western Digital Black 7200 RPM 4TB SATA Hard Drive


Sapphire Radeon HD270X 4GB Graphics Accelerator

A great System and components run cool!

A+ and will buy again :)

Thanks Quiet PC!!”

(Review via Trustpilot)