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NA-SCW1 Cleaning Wipes for Thermal Paste (20 Pieces) $7.79
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Noctua NA-SCW1 Cleaning Wipes for Thermal Paste (20 Pieces)

These cleaning wipes from Noctua are a simple and effective way of removing thermal compound from the base of a CPU cooler and the top of a CPU.


  1. Simple solution for removing old thermal compound
  2. NA-SCW1 consists of 20 NA-CW1 wipes
  3. Perfect for CPUs and GPUs

The NA-SCW1 is a 20-piece set of individually packed NA-CW1 cleaning wipes for removing thermal compounds such as Noctua NT-H2 and NT-H1. Pre-moistened with a custom detergent mixture, these wipes are ideal for cleaning CPUs, GPUs and the contact surface of heatsinks in a quick and efficient manner. Thanks to their large size (15x12cm), one pad is usually enough to clean both the chip and the cooler.

EAN barcode9010018200744
EAN barcode9010018200744

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